At we stock thousands of products and it gets difficult for customers like yourselves to choose between all the products. The best help you can get in selecting a product is real reviews by other users. We have spent the last few months pushing our customers to leave more and more review. To leave a review you do not just have to have bought the product from us, as long as you own or have extensively used the product you can leave a review on

Today to incentivize more users to leave reviews we are proud to announce the beta tester program through which you will be able to get free products in exchange for a promise to leave a helpful and insightful review catered for Pakistani customers.

How Do I Get Selected?

We do not select users thorough an application process but rather we go through the hundreds of reviews customers leave every day and when we see that someone is leaving helpful reviews of products in a certain category we will send him or her free products in that category. As long as you keep leaving good reviews you could receive free products.

What Is A Good Review?

A good review is one that is both insightful and helpful. By that we mean the review should summarize if all the features of the product are functioning well. In a power bank you could describe how fast it charges, if it actually provides the power it promises, how it feels, if you would recommend it to others. For clothing you could describe how well it fits, what the quality of the fabric is and you could always give some tips on what shoes would go well with it. A good review should also be catered to Pakistani customers. Our customers want to read reviews relevant to them. An example is you could write about whether the clothes were well suited to Pakistan’s weather or if a phone runs 3G or 4G in Pakistan. Our customer’s favorite reviews usually clearly outline the pros and cons and provide a good conclusion.

We look forward to your reviews and will be sending out the first batch of beta tester products soon.