bytes Overload In-Ear Earphones

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Experience super bass at a very affordable price tag

From the minds that brought you the most affordable smartphones and accessories in Pakistan, is proud to announce that its unyielding efforts of creativity and providing you with premium products at affordable rates has led to the creation of Bytes Overload. Bytes Overload are our ‘top of the line’ earphones that feature a ‘cost friendly’ tag. Not only this, offer you a product that is loaded with more features, offers better protection and most importantly, delivers far better sound quality in contrast to those expensive earphones. strives to provide the quality goods that you are looking for and fortunately for you, the price will always be right.

Compatible with all devices

Bytes Overload features a 3.5 mm jack that fits in to any device that features a 3.5 mm opening. In simple terms, these earphones can be fitted in to any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer, giving you the freedom you need to listen to music, movies, radio and more during any part of the day or night. Just plug in your earphones, and let your device and machine do the rest.

Built-in microphone; so you never have to use a separate one

Why should you purchase Bytes Overload? Unlike those other earphones being sold in the market, is offering one which features its own built-in microphone that allow the earphones to act as both an audio transmitter and receiver. When you plug Bytes Overload in your laptop or desktop computer, purchasing a separate microphone will not be necessary.


Multimedia buttons for added flexibility

Bytes Overload features a button that can be configured to do any of the following:

Fast forward
Receive call
Reject call

Cable sleeving for extra protection

Several earphone manufacturers use sub-standard form of cable insulation that provides inadequate protection from wear and tear. Bytes Overload features a ‘two-layer’ cable sleeving cover that provides twice the amount of protection from wear and tear compared to a regular earphone set. With unparalleled sound quality and unmatched quality standards, Bytes Overload is ‘THE’ premium product in a cost-effective price.  

Extra earbuds to accommodate your requirements

Since no two people can have the same sized or shaped ears, having a pair of earphones with the same earbud circumference can cause a discomforting experience in several ways. Overtime, earbuds will start causing immense amount of pain or slip out of the ears due to their small size. With Bytes Overload, you will never have to run in to such issues because our packaging includes several earbuds of different sizes designed to be compatible with all kinds of ears.

Technical specifications

Cable length

1.2 meters          

Frequency response

20-2,000 Hz

Plug type

3.5 mm jack


95 dB +/- 3 dB


All devices and machines featuring a 3.5 mm jack input

Other features

Mic control
Multimedia buttons (Play, stop, fast forward, fast backward)
Call related buttons (Receive call, reject call)


Dual layer cable sleeving

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