Before the inauguration of bytes, mGadgets came in to existence in 2012 in order to innovate the field of mobile electronics in Pakistan. With the formation of mGadgets, an abundant number of products have been introduced to the Pakistani market that could not be found anywhere else in any store. However, even with these new products, the company’s founder, Mohammed Khanani, felt that bringing new products every day was not the only solution to changing the mobile electronics landscape in Pakistan.

He wanted to change the way how products reached customers. That is when the idea of an online tech store came in to mind, but not just any online tech store; a store where thousands of consumers would never have to suffer due to the following:

  • Lacked timely delivery
  • Sub-quality customer service support
  • Listed products that were not available

In short, his vision was to bring a local online store that would function according to international quality standards. That is how came in to existence. After spending countless hours strategizing, a crystal clear website with an ‘easy to use’ interface has been introduced to provide an effortless ‘search and purchase’ option for customers.

Due to overwhelming competition, not to mention the lack of proper knowledge instilled in the Pakistani population cornering electronic products, is continuously evolving and improving when it comes to delivering quality customer and delivery service. For us, the customer is always given the highest priority, irrespective of what position they might belong to.

Unlike several online stores scattered in Pakistan, we offer hassle free returns, so that consumers do not have to pay a dime out of their pockets. We continuously try and offer our customers the best prices but many brands do not permit us to lower prices below their advised MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) and thus we attempt to make up for that by offering better bundles and unmatched customer support.

As always, your feedback is very important to us. If anytime you feel that we are lacking something, please do not hesitate to offer your valued counsel and advice so that we can improve overtime. If you have any complaints or problems, you can contact our CEO anytime at

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